View Full Version : suspension overhaul questions

04-11-2007, 02:39 AM
Within the next month or so, I plan on doing a complete suspension overhaul on the ti. I have a 1996 Sport with about 110k. Most of the rubber is looking really bad right now, so I'm long overdue for this. I don't mind some vibration and that, so I want to go with urethane and all-metal parts for the handling improvement.

This setup will include, but is not limited to: *=purchased
Bilstein Sport Struts
H&R Sport Springs *
Meyle HD RSM's *
IE Urethane subframe bushings (street) *
IE Urethane trailing arm bushings (black) *
Meyle all metal ball joints & Meyle Control arm bushings *
sway bar brackets and links (oem)
sway bar bushings...

I've searched this site, and can't find any info on urethane sway bar bushings...do they exist for the ti? Otherwise I'll just go with stock.

I plan on doing this on my own, with the occasional help of a friend who is a welder. He can press all the bushings out for me and do any welding/cutting, if necessary.

All suggestions are welcome. If you know anything that you think I should add/remove from this list, then by all means, please do tell.