View Full Version : bavauto upgradable chip

05-23-2003, 06:10 AM
has anyone seen or heard of bavauto's upgradable performance chip? they say if you get anything done after you get the chip, you just send it back and they send you one specific for the mods you have for free (plus shipping). does this sound alright or would any other chip do just fine? im looking to chip my engine soon and this one caught my eye. my ti is a 95 with the m42. are there any other proven chips that would suit me better than this?

05-24-2003, 03:58 AM
I'm also curious as I know there is the Jim conforti through www.turnermotorsports.com, the Dinan and the Bavarian Autosport, and in my experience with E30's I know they are all tuned differently.

05-24-2003, 04:40 PM
i just got my bmpd catalog and they have the custom programable chip too. and i believe its cheaper than the bavauto chip at about 350 bucks. thats still 100 bucks over the price of their standard chip. is that increase worth the benefits?

05-25-2003, 10:19 AM
I remember having read at one point that the JC chip will adjust the AFM to adapt to ones' driving.. so if you drive it hard all that time, it'll only drive harder and harder.

is this true? cuz if it is... screw bavauto! :P

05-28-2003, 09:45 PM
To properly extract maximum potential from any software, it must be dynoed on the specific car with all options (aftermarket upgrades) in place.

Another thing to be careful of is sometimes a mod will do more harm than good, even with optimized software...

What's good for one car with brand 'X' air box mod, may totally suck with brand 'Y' air box mod.

Just playing devil's advocate...