View Full Version : M50 engine and 4.10 Diff

03-28-2004, 11:25 AM
I am looking for a good 0-60 and good accel with the coming 325ti swap.

Not really concerned as much for a high top speed. How do you think an e30 M3 diff will work with the M50 with the standard Trans w/ M3 clutch and UUC Lightweight flywheel, As the drivetrain current plan?

Or should I try a lower ratio diff?

04-02-2004, 03:06 PM
4.10:1 sounds awfully low to me... I would go no lower than 3.73:1 myself. It will SCREAM at 70MPH with those 4.10's and stock ti trans, first gear will be useless, and you will have a 4-speed.

The original ti geraing (3.45:1) is quite nice, actually, with a six. I would not have changed it if not for the fear of scattering the diff all over the countryside with the 3.2.

If you can get something in the 3.45-3.73 range, I think you will be pleased with it. If the 4.10 is FREE, then it's worth trying out. I think you will be dissapointed in the long run with it.

Keep the trans oil changed. It will hold up well with proper care. Don't forget the trans input and output seals, and shifter seal while you have it apart. Mine were bad at 70K miles...