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06-09-2017, 08:43 PM
Buyer beware... Oliver Medrano aka Uneeqinc is a thief! I sent this crook monies for a center armrest/console in February and this chump has lied and lied and lied about armrest coming, then refunding my money! My secretary asked me about the refund a few weeks ago and I thought about it and I never received my money from this chump. So I went to PayPal and file a dispute to get my monies back and all of a sudden like a little girl he emailed me saying a bunch of bull home sob stories. He stated he know I want my money back etc. etc. and he promised he would pay me on Friday but I as you know liars lie and dope fiends steal Friday never came so I had to file another dispute to escalate my claim with PayPal needless to say he's a crook and I'm still waiting and I'm sure I will get my money back one way or the other.! If anyone wants to know please private message me and I will send you every email every dispute and communication through PayPal & he and I.about the entire transaction do not trust this guy with your money he gets broke desperate and a liar with excuses as if he's addicted to some type of narcotic because that's the type of behavior he has portrayed or he's simply a crook! Either way he's awful.

And before anyone runs to his defense read the emails first. If anyone has an address I'm pressing criminal charges on him for "thief by deception" "Internet fraud".

I'll send $50 to the first person who sends me his current/actual address so I can formally press charges! If he pays or not I want this crime to be processed!

06-10-2017, 12:17 AM
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Hey this is me. I'll send you my address myself. Not all transactions go well and the last few months I've had a lot of person issues. I'm sorry my life isn't perfect like yours. But I tried to resolve it with you and your one of those people who just can't understand hardship. Well I'm in a better place and I refunded you because it was the right thing to do. No fraud no deception just a bunch of events on my end that made a few transactions go bad. But I've take care of them and you. Before you try and slander a person on a forum reach out find out what happened. Specially when I have perfect feed back. I would have explained my situation and took care of you as I did. But either way. I appreciate your business and I won't slander you as I know you were upset. Just wish you were more of a man. Than resorting to this nonsense. Keep the $50 I'll pm you all my info

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LIES!!! Liar!!!

If my secretary would've reminded me you wouldn't said nothing thief! AND if you had the part you would've sent it liar... Or did you sell it to someone else? If so you lied and deceived me to get my monies by fraudulent advertising something you didn't have. PayPal MADE you communicate with me and they sent me my reimbursements because I showed them your emails liar and they paid me. I have proof you lied and stole my money!

So where's the nonsense or foolishness thief? Nonsense is taking 4 months to ship an armrest that you supposedly had... Nonsense/foolishness is taking $170 and not refunding a customer and having the nerve to say you're opening up a business!

Save your time... I've been contacted since this posting by members with stories about you thief. And 3 concerning your address. No one likes a liar or a thief son.