View Full Version : Bmw compact e36 child booster rear seats very rare

Anthony newton
02-16-2020, 04:50 PM
BMW E36 Compact Child Booster rear Seats.

These are extremely rare, and I have not idea what there worth? Offers invited. One small burn see picture.

Comes with receipt when the car was new and also vertical part of rear seat.

East Sussex England

02-20-2020, 04:47 AM
This is really cool. I've never seen anything like it before. Must have been an option over there?

...why it never made it to the US market I can't imagine....lol.

02-23-2020, 01:57 AM
Wow. Probably the RAREST option for an already rare model car. Iíve owned mine since ordering it in 98 and never before then or since seen these seats.

But, I am concerned about little kids getting cigarette burns in their seats...

Unfortunately, rare does not always equal expensive. With no market to look at I have no idea how to price them. Perhaps check realoem with your vin and find these seats. That might be a starting point at least.

02-23-2020, 02:41 AM
Very cool! I remember seeing them in a car years ago at the dealer.

06-24-2020, 04:16 AM
But, I am concerned about little kids getting cigarette burns in their seats...

My thoughts exactly...

06-25-2020, 12:31 PM
Here you can find the Integrated child seat part #:


It's still a rare part, even in the EU.

EDiT: Found one in Germany, seller doesn't want to ship it though. (EU 90,-)
And another one, in Montana Leather but pretty pricey. (EU 300,-)

01-08-2022, 09:05 PM
I have also seen two cars out in the world with the built in child seats. Very cool.