View Full Version : Everyday driving???

04-03-2005, 07:06 PM
Hey guys,
I am about to get a nice tax return, and want to get new shocks for my '97 ti. I've read a lot about which are the best and not, but what are they the best for; racing and/or everyday driving? I drive my car endless miles a day through not the best terrain and was wondering if that would eat the bilstein sport shocks and I might consider something more heavy duty. If bilsteins would be better in any situation, I'm going to pick them up very soon. And do they come with springs, or do I have to pick them up seperately and if I do, what should I get and a rough estimate on price??? I'm not looking to lower the car at all, just something to make the car ride real nice again. I am also getting new rear shock mounts and possibly new control arms and bushings and all that good stuff too. Thanks a lot.

04-04-2005, 12:35 PM
I have Bilstein sports. I don't think you will ever 'blow' them. Typically, once those are installed, you never have to buy shocks again. Hard to believe in our throw-away society, but they last forever.

The PSS series have springs, and are ride-height adjustable. My best friend wants those (or PSS-9 fully adjustable) for his E46 328ci.

Forgot to mention: Turner motorsports had the best price on them when I bought mine.