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Tbe30ll 12-20-2019 05:52 PM

Hello! New owner here.
Hey guys and gals, just thought Iíd stop in and say hello.

After a few months of looking I found myself a 97 Schwartz 318ti with the wrong transmission. Drove it home, put it in the garage and pulled the auto and replaced with a manual I found on marketplace. This car seems to be pretty easy to work on.

Itís already snowballed into getting a set of ds1ís bilsteinís h&rís... maybe Iíll do a little autox with her? Who knows.

Anyway, I like this forum, just wanted to stop in and say hello and show off my current money pit.

https://i.ibb.co/QQyMHyQ/1189-AE36-F...4-F2-E6-FA.jpg https://i.ibb.co/Db3gC4k/1-C35675-A-...C3-C6322-C.jpg

J!m 12-23-2019 12:30 AM

Welcome to the site!

FunElan 12-23-2019 08:38 PM

Welcome to the fold! Glad you've already found that these cars are easy to work on. Where in Ohio are you? There are a few members here in Ohio, I used to live in Cincy with my ti.

Tbe30ll 12-30-2019 08:50 PM

I'm in the Akron area, a little ways off from Cincy!

JAMES GIBBA 02-05-2020 01:15 PM

Need used engine in the Gambia for my BMWI 318

JAMES GIBBA 02-05-2020 01:24 PM

How much will it cost me to have a used engine in the Gambia of BMW 4 CYLINDER

J!m 02-06-2020 02:53 PM

I would say you should search online for a breaker in Europe as the shipping to Africa from Europe will be much less.

Welcome to the site.

Mark96CaliRoof 02-11-2020 12:54 AM

Wrong transmission
Iíve got a 96 318ti with an auto, would love to convert it to a manual, any advice on this?

J!m 02-11-2020 02:20 AM

There are tons of posts here on doing that swap but if you hit a wall, send me a PM.

Tbe30ll 02-11-2020 06:53 PM

Mark, realoem is your friend, so is having ecs tuning on the way home from work haha.

honestly this is the easiest manual swap I've ever done, just pay attention and make sure you get the same clutch master cylinder and hard line, I believe there are 3 different versions? I know I had at least 2 hard lines and 2 master cylinders before I got the right combo.

but like J!m said, research and read, my swap probably cost close to $800 in parts all said and done (not saying you couldn't do it for cheaper).

J!m 02-11-2020 06:57 PM

Good used parts should come up less than $800, but I always advise to err on the side of caution.

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