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spidertri 09-05-2008 01:27 AM

Mid Atlantic Roll Call
This thread will only be used to make sure we invite and let people in the area know about upcoming meets.

Some of these people may not own a ti anymore

- spidertri
- BobbyDigital (Lives in Germany)
- BMW_Hatchback
- nyle
- trickiekid (Sold the ti?)
- Viper1969
- themightyquinn (Sold ti, owns GTI now)
- bullmand
- gimp (Sold ti)
- 2ndBimmer
- sturge
- 318ticruiser
- 95cosmos
- BakeR318
- Kraln
- jonas
- ///M44ti
- RedDog
- Times
- Hotmilk400
- wolfnacht
- bimmerboy16
- 80211mdr
- John_in_VA
- Duell_318ti
- Exton_Dubs
- familytruckster
- DDubbs
- geetarspaz
- Lowerclassmen
- Del Rio
- 1997 bimmerman
- joesmoe3

BobbyDigital 09-05-2008 01:48 AM

I'm going to say I'm coming and then wont...No, count me in, come next Wednesday though, I may have a restricted license (read between the lines), so we shall see. Keep me posted!

There are like 7 or so other ti's in Richmond, and I havent found one of them on here...

BMW_Hatchback 09-05-2008 01:49 AM

Menace to Montgomery county, MD...<<<

nyle 09-05-2008 02:43 AM

:) i'm game. i'm in the very very south, mostly east part of PA.

trickiekid 09-05-2008 02:52 AM

oh oh oh invite me, invite me :)

Viper1969 09-05-2008 04:36 PM

I'm out here in Hagerstown.

themightyquinn 09-05-2008 11:28 PM

I'm game.

BobbyDigital 09-06-2008 03:45 AM


Originally Posted by spidertri (Post 191632)
- spidertri
- BobbyDigital
- BMW_Hatchback
- nyle
- trickiekid
- Viper1969
- themightyquinn

Hey, that list is looking pretty good! I hope we really get this on a roll...Maybe we can have our own section, like the SoCal guys :smile:

BMW_Hatchback 09-06-2008 03:51 AM

those SoCal guys think they're so coooooooo0ool

they are.

trickiekid 09-06-2008 03:07 PM

I know that there are a few more that could be added.
Now I have a question, Who drives the hellrot around westminister? I saw that you had black rims with a silver lip. This must have been a few weeks back.

bullmand 09-06-2008 07:17 PM

You can add me to the list as well. I travel quite a bit for work so I'm not always around, but I'll make it when I can. I've also been seeing what seems like more tis than usual in the Catonsville/Baltimore/Ft Meade area lately. I think most of them are people that are not on here. We'll have to see what we can do about that.

trickiekid 09-06-2008 07:30 PM

I was waiting for you to find this thread Bullman. Now Gimp just needs to find this...

bullmand 09-08-2008 04:07 AM

I'm actually on the road right now and I can't always get on the internets. I wanted to go the meet, but I was out here. Did you get new wheels? I thought I saw you on post the other day with some new bling.

trickiekid 09-08-2008 10:19 AM

I haven't seen you around in a while, but yeah I have seen a few new ti's in the area. I actually bought two new sets a few months ago. I don't know what I was thinking when i bought chrome wheels. I wish that I was drunk when I did so that I would have somewhat of an excuse. And I bought a set of e38 style 5's. I really needed them. Gimp was telling me about an event coming up at the end of the month in Bowie, you going to be back in time?

gimp 09-09-2008 03:50 AM

Yup, I'm in the area too.

The autocross is next weekend at the BaySox Stadium. I'll be there running my ti, and my girlfriend will be running her Fit.

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