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bcp 10-10-2021 05:12 AM

Door lock operation
I'm looking for some help in trying to solve door lock / central locking issues:

The only way I can lock and unlock my car is via the boot (/trunk) lid lock. Turning the key in the boot lock centrally locks / unlocks the boot and both front doors. (This is the only way to unlock the car!).

The key doesn't turn in either front door barrel.

The driver side door lock pin doesn't move at all (can't be raised or lowered). So it is useless for locking/unlocking the door.

The passenger side door lock pin does go up and down and unlocks / locks the door.

Am I correct in thinking that because the boot lock centrally locks/unlocks the front doors, then the front door actuators are working OK and aren't the problem?

But I can't figure out why the rear lock and actuators work ok but (1) the key won't turn in the door locks and (2) why the driver's door lock pin doesn't move at all.

Advice appreciated!

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