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paul somlo 09-20-2018 09:05 AM

Manual Adjustment of Headlight Level Motors?
I just installed a pair of euro projectors, with leveling motors. How can the leveling motors be adjusted manually, without wiring? And how do they interact with the two adjustments on the back of each headlight?

John Firestone 09-20-2018 12:08 PM

A headlight motor, item 12, has a long rod ending in a ball that snaps into the bottom of the headlight reflector. The rod and ball extend and retract, to tilt the reflector up and down.

The motor is set up as a servo that tracks the setting of the dash, headlight range adjustment potentiometer. The motors are likely where the pot last sat when it and the motors last saw power. Most likely that was at the zero, the car normally loaded position, with no downward headlight trim. That is where mine have sat for ages.

If you want, you can remove the motors and substitute two of item 11: to fix the headlights at the zero, untrimmed position. I wish I could do that on the right side, as the motor can get in the way when I work on the car.

paul somlo 09-23-2018 04:08 AM

Thank you John - two questions:

What's the "zero" position? The rod all the way out, all the way in, or some intermediate position?

How does item "11" work? Is it fixed, or manually adjustable.

I took my lights apart today, and it's apparent that the level motor is necessary, as it acts as the lower pivot point for the entire reflector assembly.

John Firestone 09-23-2018 08:42 AM

The range control and motors lets you tilt the headlights downward when the front of the car is tilted slightly upward after loading the rear of the car with passengers, cargo or a trailer.

0 is the normal position: the rod fully extended to give no downward headlight tilt. Item 11, a stiff piece of plastic is made to that length, to hold the reflector at position 0.

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