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Long overdue update here:

My editor started a new job and as of September end had not touched it...

Anyway , I have taken matters into my own hands again and am about 1/3 through the final edit. I will be doing all I can to keep on schedule but I wanted to quickly let everybody know what was going on with it.

I’m not happy about it. I wanted outside eyes to check it over for me. So it probably won’t be as good as I had hoped as a proper book- but it has a ton more info than the last version and hopefully I streamlined and made it an easier document to digest.

The last version jumped around a bit and I’ve tried to correct that as best I could.

So, we are still “on” and still on schedule. I think in a week or two I’ll be ready to print. At that point I’ll update again, confirm the count, possibly collect preorder monies, and set a firm (I’d be at the mercy of the printer so I’ll be as accurate as possible) date for delivery.
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