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A bit late due to loosing my editor, but this morning I completed yet another run-through of my manual. It is now 321 pages of goodness.

Still need to update the TOC and check photo numbering, but otherwise it's ready.

I will be working out the count (color and B&W pages for printing estimate) and generate a new costing structure. Maybe it will be the same but I have to make sure.

Then I will have a quote from the print house with estimated lead time.

I am posting this to re-evaluate the demand on the manual. I think the original predicted ~25 copies will be exceeded, which is fine. The more I make the less per copy they cost. Therefore, with the added pages, it may still be the original estimated cost.

BOTTOM LINE: I need to get an updated count on those interested. I know many expressed interest here but it has been far too long since I started this, and I want to double-check, because again, the number originally printed will impact the per-copy price. I want to be fair to everyone but at the same time I can't afford to have a pile of unsold books in my house! And I want to have a quote before Thursday if at all possible, so if you get this notice, pleas let me know! Saying "no thanks" is perfectly fine too!

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and technical contributions that made this possible! And special thanks to Steve for keeping this site alive for current and future Ti owners!
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