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Default DME Interchangability

Searching didn't bring up anything. So my question is can a DME from a manual car be put in an automatic trans car and visa versa?

My daughter's car is throwing a bad MAF code. After some checks, the MAF is not getting any ground. If grounded, car runs beautifully, idles a bit high but I think its because its not receiving the pulse from the DME. The wiring rings out fine, so there are no breaks in the harness.

So, I have 2 spare DMEs lying around but they are both from a 5 speed. Do you think any harm will come from using the 5 speed DME on an automatic car?

DME 1 is a 10/95 from my clubsport
DME 2 is a 05/95

Kasandra's DME is a 07/95

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