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I cannot recommend the AEM, I was a dealer of theirs for over 10 years but have gone away from that after numerous issues. Their harness options won't help you muh with a 318ti and they struggle with 60-2 crank triggering. It looks good on paper but the system architecture is dated and it shows when you try to use it.

This is what I do ( and I don't use this forum to promote my business, its about my personal car and interests. That said, here's my advice for you to consider:

1. ECU: The Link Atom II provides much better technical features, great technical support and is price-competitive with the EMS 4. If you can afford it, a MOTEC M84, its a good value.

2. Injectors: I only use Injector Dynamics. Paul Yaw is the injector guru. Don't take my word for it, google it.

Feel free to ask anything else.

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