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Originally Posted by 1996 328ti View Post
NO WAY I'd move it to vBulletin. I already migrated to Xenforo when Xenforo was in beta as a test.

I've been hacked once but there was no real malicious damage done. It was a php injection into one of the templates. The result was the site displayed ads and revenue was directly to someone else.

Many, many years ago I was hacked when it was UBB.

Not totally convinced that there is still malicious code on the site.
vBulletin is very out of date which is a problem.

cpanel to cpanel transfer is easy. And if I keep my username the same, it is almost seamless.

The reason I've stuck with the current hosting is that their support is excellent.
I've had websites since the mid-90s and have had my share of hosts.
They are all good until something goes wrong.

The other concern is the legacy of the site. What happens when I'm gone?
Yeppers, I say not to go with vbulletin, I have had first hand admin experience with it some 10 years ago, vbulletin 4 was just unfinished, bloated and poor vs vb 3.8 in my experience at that time, and having read a lot, it seems that has not changed with Vb5.

Xenforo has come a long way, not sure if IPB is still a thing, But with any forum, just need to put up some security up, a firewall and then serve the site through a CDN like cloudflare. But if not Xenforo then pick another forum software, just not vBulletin.

Yep cpanel to cpanel is no big deal, even any host will do that, but its getting the forum transfered to new software and keeping things intact and all, thats the hard part. Although there is not much you want to change in the forum, else you may lose some existing members, on the upside you may gain new ones. There needs to be a balance in the design too. Hiring someone would be the best, and how I would do it.

I checked happytogather a while ago, I think it was a linkage of sites you ran? You could try Hawk Host, I have exprience with them in the past and they offer the best service I have received. Webhosting talk forums will have some more info. But agreed, they are all good till something goes wrong.

Now, as for the Legacy, well thats a day bound to come, hopefully not anytime soon, but it will. Goes for you, me and everyone reading this. You could setup something so that in such a event the details of the cpanel/ftp/forum are given or transferred to some trusted folks. You must have some old moderator folks if they are up for taking the responsibility.

I might had spoken too soon myself, as I will be moving back towards Germany later this year so things get busy but with my resourced I would had taken over if you wanted to. Thing is though I believe you still have a lot left in you still I know that you dont want to turn this place into a cheap advertising wall, which some folks do when they take over. So lets do that, and move hosts to something that works. And one day when you do get tired or feel like you could use a hand or what not, You can count on me or some of us to. If you ever feel like dropping me a line or a call, you can find my details here

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