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I know where you are coming from Steven. Thats why I said dont just go and delete it, this site maybe 15 years old but that doesn't mean anything, the Ti is becoming more and more of a niche. Look 5 years ago I would never consider a Ti or a 4 cylinder. I am glad I bought it, and although mine went kaput in a speed bump, I plan to buy a 318ti again when I am in Germany! See, now would I without this forum? Would I care about making supercharger kits for the 318ti? without this community? I know my work will have users here, people will see it, they will like it.

We are using the latest PHP 7.2. Now dont try to install Xenforo yourself and do the whole conversion, I say we hire someone to do it. Cut it in half. we can have the forum members pay us some as well. Although you could likely change the ph version yourself from cpanel too, I would suggest not to, it could break things.

PS: Whats your number, if you drop me a message with it I will give you a ring later and we can talk over the phone if you like. I tried calling the BMW CCA but they put me on a machine.

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