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Default Reoccurring Airbag light

I bought my ti last december and at the time the airbag light was on and was to be repaired as a condition of my purchase. So i had it repaired at my local BMW dealership immediately. I was told that a short circuit was the cause. A week later the light came on again and so I returned to the dealer who told me this time that faulty seatbelt restraint was the cause and so they repaired it. Everything was fine until a week ago however, when out of nowhere my ti wouldn't start and so I had to jump start it. Just after this incident, my airbag sensor illuminated once again. Does anyone have some advice or suggestions as to the cause or solution to this and how I can fix my airbag light from coming on? and I am also curious if there are other people out there with a similar problem regarding their airbag light and problems with their sensors?
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