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Thanks folks.

I am across and have sorted the cluster warning bulbs, airbag modules, clockspring and occupancy sensor. I’m now on to the seat belts and trying to ascertain which spec I have in my car (10/96 build) and whether these can trigger an SRS fault / warning light.

As above there is no wiring to the seat belt receptacles in my car. Does this mean:

(a) they are mechanical pretensioners that operate solely from the cable being pulled by seat movement on impact and the seat belt receptacles don’t have latching switches (ie neither the pretensioners or receptacles are connected to or send signals to the ECU, therefore they can’t be causing an SRS fault); or

(b) my pretensioners / receptacles / car wiring have been butchered.

I have an SRS code reader on the way but am trying to make some progress ahead of long COVID delivery times…

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