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Originally Posted by 7Senna8 View Post
What else is needed to make this kit fully functional?

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Because I have not installed a DASC so from personal experience I do not know, but I can tell you what the installation manual has as parts that are included in a complete kit.

The parts are (for the 1996 z3 installation):

Major Components:
- Manifold, Large Inj.
- Elbow, Short
- S/C
- Belt
- Air Box Elbow
- Hardware Box (AFPR, PRV Adapter Idler Pulley Bracket, Hardware bags)
- Hose Bag
- Radiator Hose
- Emissions Sticker
- D/A BMW Installation Manual Rev. D

From what I see most everything is there, maybe some small bolts or hardware is missing, but it looks fairly complete. I know Downing Atlanta still sell parts if you want to contact them directly, they just don't make the entire kit anymore. They can also get you a new CARB sticker.

Hopefully that helps.

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