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Originally Posted by BRADESTAR View Post
Sounds fast. Lotta power packed in that small thing, which can't be a bad thing.

Though I'm most excited about seeing #5 on your to do list. Matter of fact it'd be nice if you'd post more pic's of your current graphics work as well, or have I missed that?
It's like riding a wild horse right now, begging for open road. I'm unsure of the graphics I'd like to do, but I've always been fond of the AC Schnitzer design here:

Originally Posted by E36Fiend4130 View Post
Man I saw this on Autotrader! I was gonna buy it, but when I called was told it recently sold.. Nice pickup though. I drool thinking about how much fun that car must be with that S54 in it!
Ha it's all yours brotha come get it outta here
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