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Default Stolen gas!

Well I just had to share this story. About a month ago when gas prices in Texas were $4 a gallon, I walked out of my apartment one morning and smelt a strong gasoline fumes. I have a 1997 318ti and a 2003 Honda Element. I park both of them beside each other. Here recently I have been driving the Element, so the Bimmer has been parked. I do a walk around both cars. Nothing dripping out from underneath them. I checked the gas door on the Bimmer which was locked. The Honda has a locking gas cap which was secure. The only thing I noticed was a empty gatoraid bottle and a glass jar on the side walk. I went to check them out, they both smelt of gasoline. So fast forward 1 month. I wanted to go wash the Bimmer and get it all cleaned up from being parked. So i try to start it and it just spins over. I remember parking it with "10 miles to empty" so It didn't have much gas in it to begin with. I thought well, its been 120 degress outside so maybe the gas evaporated some how. I dunno much about gas. So I went out and bought about one and half gallons of gas to put in. As I pour it in I start to hear this drip, drip, i look underneath the car...there is a perfect hole on the side of the gas tank. Similar to a small drill bit. All I can say is I bet whoever stole the gas was pissed because that's probably less than a third of a gallon they got. Ha! So $5 dollars on a repair kit, and she is patched back up. I drive her around town and all seems to be fine. I now park her against a fence where the gas tank isn't accessible. People will try anything! If they only knew that the honda was full of gas and could easy been drained. Why did they choose the BMW is besides me. Just thought I'd share my experience. I did file a police report, but didn't have them come out because so much time had past and I'd already started patch'n it.
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