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Default unfinished supercharged project, 1995 318ti 3500$

hey all I have a unfinished project I'm thinking of parting ways with, events the past few months have left me unable to finish my baby, car will need to be towed, explained further on, have many pictures available upon request, it is a 1995 black car, m sport appearance package with the plastic side molding color matched to the rest of the car, exterior wise its a beautiful car slight fading in clearcoat on part of hood, has around 109k miles, 5 speed, clean texas title, no rust, interior is decent has the cloth/leather seats, no tears, has a new headliner, window rollers replaces, sunroof is inoperative, but I will include a new motor, has a new headliner as well. driver door panel is slightly up on the window rail, other than that they're on there good, replaced all the mounting tabs and pins. now onto the current state, nothing is wrong with the vehicle it was my daily driver until I began disassembly to install the v4 moab kit from hyde motorworks, as it sits the upper intake is off, radiator and condensor removed, and compressor taken off, main bracket for supercharger mounted, other than that its just been sitting the past couple months. I will list the parts that will come with the vehicle below. modifications on vehicle aforementioned body color side moulding body color grilles bc racing adjustable coilovers limited slip diffential 17 in style 23 wheels running bf Goodrich comp 2 as tires with less than 2k miles on them i changed the exhaust, previous owner had a slightly obnoxious angled up tip muffler, so I swapped it to a more stock looking one, just a little throatier maintaince done within past 4k miles alternator water pump power steering pump and rack spark plugs, wires and coils fuel filter transmission fluid differential fluid with differential replacement larger fuel injectors to run supercharger synthetic oil change 1k miles ago all using oem or better fluids items included with sale full v4 moab supercharger kit from hyde motorworks toyota sc14 supercharger with stock pulley full intercooler and piping kit Ktuned open ecu, has stock mad on it but can be tuned for supercharger aem water/methanol injection kit larger mass air flow sensor and air filter catch can kit bunch of miscellaneous stuff for the supercharger, including all hardware to mount the kit will put between 8-10 psi of boost, any questions feel free to ask or look at hyde motorworks website as they're very in depth and have a step by step install guide as stated many pictures available, I love this car but I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it in the near future, would love for it to go to someone who appreciates it, let me know any questions you may have, looking to get 3500 or so from it, as I'm way over that in it but shoot me an offer, it will need to be trailered to its new home

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