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Originally Posted by andakn View Post
So I'm hoping it will work like this. When I pull up to the line push in the clutch pedal and put the motor on the to step in line lock. Then the throttle can be pushed down and the rev limiter will hold it at about 1100 to 1800 rpms. As soon as the clutch is released the RPMs in line lock will be released. I may have to play with this to find out how much the RPM's are going to come up between the time the clutch is let up and when it engages. I'm hoping it will hook somewhere around 23 to 2500 rpms. So off the line I will be running on the supercharger boost of about 9 to 11 psi. The pre supercharger nitrous fogger nozzle will have a lower shot somewhere around 75 to 150 shot that will be used for mostly first and second gear. After the turbo begins to build boost that boost will then be forced into the back of the supercharger which will further compounded it. I haven't decided on all my final boost numbers but as an example if 6 pounds of boost go into the supercharger that normally builds 11 pounds of boost it can compound that 6 pounds into 25 or 30 pounds. Then the second kit of nitrous which is the direct port fogger nozzles will be for third and fourth and fifth gear. This will be a fairly big shot maybe 2:50 to 400 but it's mostly there to control intake air temperatures post supercharger so that I don't have predetination in the intake. It will also add power but it's mostly there for safety. Basically I'm going to try to have the computer apply as much boost and nitrous as the car can lay down to the road. I will be using G sensors and a data logger to record and control power. Hopefully I will have an excess of boost in almost every rpm range and gear. Since this is what I do for a living I probably won't be giving out 100% of the specs and parts I use unless I decide to sell the car years down the road. I'm using a lot of v8 drag racing tricks and putting them in my euro rice. If I'm not breaking records or parts, I'm not happy
I'm interested to see how this works out. Please keep the board up to date with anything you are willing to share.

Thanks, John S
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