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Well, I'm pretty sure that the longer of the two plastic pieces is the easier to put in. It sit on the driver side of the motor and I believe can be replaced if you remove the intake manifold....I did mine when I installed my super so I'm not 100% sure on this. The second smaller piece would be a ROYAL pain in the a** to replace because it sits on the back of the engine between the firewall. So if you dont have midjet hands I'm not sure how you could possibly replace it without some serious tear down.

I will be getting my head gasket seal replaced and I will be getting this smaller piece replaced aswell. Once it gets installed I'll ask my mechanic how you could do it yourself. I'm guessing that you would need to remove the top head of your engine just to fit any tools into the small space to remove and tighten the bolts. I'll let ya know in a few weeks once it gets done.

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