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Hey guys, sorry to keep asking about this but this thing just doesnt want to cooperate.

So I installed a standard cone filter in there (with no shield for now), just placed it as far away from the engine as possible, I will make a shield for it later - just wanted to pass emissions finally (reg. was due on 12/08) - now I Have 2 weeks to get it sorted... It should have no leaks now. Replaced all the boots, and replaced and tightened the CCV connections.

One thing I noticed is the OBDII doesnt want to get into the 'ready' state... So I disconnected the battery and it started idling extremely roughly for one trip, but settled down a lot quicker than it used to, anyone ever had that problem? The rough idle is when you throw the car into neutral at any speed, it idles from ~400-1000 rpm

Figured Id ask, and maybe that had something to do with the OBD not being ready. Anyone had any experience with that? Or has any tricks or gut-feelings at what may be going on?

Oh and while I was doing the boots, I installed all the OEM intake stuff in there - put the ASC back in and all that. I noticed that ASC light has been rather intermittent, and even the system works great sometimes, but then once in a while it experiences a failure mid-driving for no reason. I replaced the ASC 'reverse-throttle' cable and everything is hooked up right, did anyone ever have that issue? Not that I really need it, but its nice to have no lights on the dash.

Thanks guys!

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