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So yet another thing happened when I was driving to work - I was coasting along, after driving for about 10 miles, then I downshifted and all of a sudden the engine started behaving strangely, very low power. It wasnt making it up the hill on the highway... I assumed the worst - blocked CAT all the normal symptoms of that, CEL went off. I got tired of it when I took the exit and as I was driving downhill to get on another highway, I turned it off and back on, and it started running as if nothing ever happened.

When I got to work, I read the codes and they were P300, 304, 325 - knock sensors, random misfire code and misfire on cyl. 4... and I am reading that the sensors are still not ready when reading the CEL... this is the most frustrating thing I had to deal with...

It would be perfectly fine if I didnt have to pass smog, but I have 2 weeks before I'm leaving here for a month and I want to get it sorted out!
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