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Hi guys!

Just wanted to update this thread if anyone will need hints in the future for similar issues.

So far I was thoroughly disappointed in my car lately, it was knocking, missing, running rough... all sorts of a mess.

What I did initially was I swapped the plugs for the BKR7EQUP - which are great by the way. Then I swapped my DIY Coil on plug conversion for the stock thing, got a used low mile coil and a brand new set bosch lifetime plugs.

Then, after the missing and hesitation stopped with the new parts I couldnt help but wonder why the hell does my engine run so rough at idle still, and when I disconnected the battery it started oscillating, even though I thought I repaired all the leaks...

What I realized when I got to work was something else entirely. I remembered I put a new throttle body on my car with the idle control system, and I coudlnt remember plugging that nipple on the side of it for the evap system (since that goes on the DASC intake now), so I plugged it up and drove it for a while, seems to be doing a lot better now. Heres to hoping that I can pass smog before the week ends.

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