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Originally Posted by Strawman View Post
Great swap! How is the vibration level with the E36 M3 motor mounts and poly transmission mounts? I have stock E36 M3 motor mounts and E46 M3 transmission mounts; had to remove the red poly trans mounts because it buzzed like hell in my S52-swapped car. I am interested in hearing about the difference between E36 and E46 motor mounts.
With stock E46M3 mounts the vibration is not bad at all. I had them on the M44 as well. I wouldn't even say there is much of a difference if any. The trans mounts being UUC black are the lowest tier on their solid mounts. They are ok for DD but around 3K there can be noticeable vibration. I would still run them though personally. If I had the means to easy replace the stock rubber bushings as soon as they got soft I would just stay stock rubber all around. Just because it's still a daily.
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