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Default M-44 engine with automatic tranny. 82,000 miles.


I should start by explaining that I'm upgrading to a 3.2 S-52 model for more power. The original 1.9 liter (4 cylider) engine came with this car and has an unusually low 83,000 miles. I bought the car 4 years ago with just 75,000 original miles. The original auto transmission is included as well.
I was the 3rd owner of this car and have driven it for some time so I have a good idea of what this engine does.
I should explain that there are zero issues. The compression is excellent and you maybe see one drop of oil leak from it every few days. The seals and gaskets are all in great condition and I never have to add oil between the 3,000 mile replacement. It's in extremely good shape for it's age. It's starts right up with zero hesitation. You can buy an M-44 from a salvage yard not knowing it's true condition or you can get one right from the driver who stands by it.
There is no exhaust issues with smoke or any other signs of burning coolant or oil.
This is probably one of the best used 1.9 liter engines out there. It's my daily driver and the oil was changed every 3,000 miles. I haven't had to replace anything on the engine at all and I can provide a contact # to my local mechanic who has worked on it since I purchased the car.
My 318ti looks fast but I drive it like a baby. This engine is peppy and has some pull but it's not a racer by any means. No point in trying to race anything with a 1.9 liter. That's why I'm stepping up to the 3.2 liter so I can actually have a little fun. I'm 46 years old and take very good care of everything that I own.
You can see the photo's of this engine in my profile.

I'm currently pulling the engine out and it will be ready for shipment anywhere in the U.S for $250.00 shipping. it comes with everything needed to install in another BMW. Exhaust manifold, wire harness, ECU, starter, everything!
I also have a perfect running automatic transmission for this engine that is included at no extra cost and it works flawlessly. The guy pulling the engine said the tranny fluid looks real clean as well.

I can't stress how well this engine runs and how good it's been to me. These get about 30 MPG highway and are very easy on the pocket book. Again, only selling for the upgraded 3.2 liter I'm installing. You'll have ZERO regrets on this one. Please check my Ebay feedback and thank you for looking. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask?

Also, more pics of the engine and transmission to come as they are pulled from the car.

I have a zero hassle refund guarantee if you are unhappy with this engine for any reason. I got you covered.

Engine will be crated and sent UPS or Fed EX to any business. Home delivery may cost more depending on the shippers requirements.

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