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Originally Posted by BlackBMWs View Post
Yes, O.K. to top off to Kalt line as needed. I'm doing this myself as well over the next few days. I will open the bleed screw when it's up to operating temp to check for no bubbles. I try to get all air out of the system over the check days.

I used a 50/50 mix of BMW AF and distilled water.
Good deal. doing it now and going to drive to work. I'll monitor the progress, tnx!

Originally Posted by cooljess76;336322[U
]I never just add coolant as I always bleed the system whenever I top it off[/U]. Therefore I top off to the top of the fill neck and it self-levels after driving it. I wouldn't recommend removing the bleed screw or radiator cap when the engine is at operating temp.
Wait, didnt some one JUST tell me this was OK??? Getting scared now .

Originally Posted by BlackBMWs View Post
Hey Jess!

Since I happed to be refilling my radiator yesterday I checked the BMW coolant label for mixing coolant and distilled water. I had always used a 1:1 mix of BMW coolant and Distilled water and perhaps I shouldn't have.

Wait WHAT?!!! I just DID THIS!!! Should I be concerned???

The way I read it at least this coolant is made to cut down 60/40 or 50/50. The label also confirms BMWs recommendation of not mixing coolant types as they may contain phosphates.

I see the premixed coolant at the autostores going for $12 or so per gal, so a 50/50 mix of the $24 BMW stuff, 1 gal BMW AF plus 1 gal distilled water=2 gal, refill quantity) is still perhaps a little more cash wise, but does not contain phosphates and and in some cases, as in my Zionsville aluminum rad on the 540it, is required to be in warrenty.

Thanks for the rad cap removal clarification. Yeah, don't remove when hot. I have however bled via the bleed screw when at operating temp as the Thermostat is typically open and the system can pass excess air at it's high point. Old school from the M30 motors.

However, rereading the Bentley, you are right. Use the bleed screw when cool, closed when hot. I guess I've been lucky in the past. I can be taught...


Guys...I went from super happy and proud of what I've done to "I'm scared ****less" of whats going to happen to my car due to fragmented information! PLEASE clarify the above. I feel like a kid who was told to join the marines, the army and the navy, all in the same day with all the reasons WHY.
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