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Hello.. unfortunately im also here...
Problems started last year in May when my mechanic forgot to plug radiator fan after finishing replacing gaskets on the engine block. My mother drove the car and realised that its overheating after it have boiled and dumped all the coolant out. After that my expansion tank started leaking real hard. I disassembled it and realised that it had been cracked before, but crack could you belive sealed over time and i was loosing about 60ml of antifreeze per year. Well that crack have opened now probably due to pressure and heat and i needed a new tank. Mechanick refused to cover my tank expense and i got aftermarket tank. After my order came i was like what the hell because it had ton of sharp edges from the mold it was made in i guess. I was worried how its going to seal and it ofc didnt. Here I am a year later leaking more and more every day and not knowing what to do. I tried doing everyting to that gasket and it just doesnt care and keeps on leaking. My air release valve on top of radiator (i dont know what its called in english but you get it i hope) started leaking also. Im just about to go to BMW dealer and just say fix it and give them the keys because nothing i do doesnt seem do make any difference.
I would apprechiate if i got some advice.
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