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Originally Posted by New-B View Post
So Im looking into buying a ti from my grandfather, the whole thing to me seems like a no brainer to me but i would like some advice from owners. The car has been maintained extremely well and has and one owner (my grandfather). Not positive but I believe its a 96 with around 100 to 120 thousand miles on it. I could get the car pretty inexpensively and thats why it seems like a good idea to me. So here are my questions:

- The clutch pedal on the car is loose, is this a minor problem?
- Would a 6 cilinder engine swap be worth it? (Im aware of all it initials)
- I've never worked on cars before, is this a good place to start?
- What are some other good performance mods for these cars?
- is it a good first car for a 17 year old kid?

Welcome, Is this 5spd? what color?- was the clutch already replaced before, may need to be bleed. I think its an awesome first car, but deff must be responsible as it is rwd and that takes some getting use to. Any swap is expensive if you are not a mechanic, especially on bmw's- Without doing a swap, there is a decent amount of stuff you can do, intake,exhaust,header,turbo,t-body,better spark-"colder stage"turner chip,etc.... and last but not least, if youve never worked on cars before, this will deff be a project for you, but thats where this site comes in handy ....
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