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Thanks for the offer. I was able to get it from the previous owner. I am still trouble shooting some vacuum and/or intake issues. There are stutters in the 2000 to the 2800 rpm range.

The PO did some valve work, the exhaust is also a larger diameter than stock, the SC pulley is the smallest available and the car has a performance chip. I've replaced some hoses, clamps, etc., and it has gotten better, but this is mildly annoying, and I want to get it perfectly smooth.

I believe the crank case valve is in need of replacement too and that will occur this weekend as it just arrived.

The other item to address is a lower than normal idle for the first 1-2 minutes, etc. Once up to standard running temp it is fine. The forum advice is a bit all over the board, and without seeing/feeling/hearing it, it perhaps isn't realistic to diagnose the issue from a keyboard.

Thanks again, and I hope to contribute to the knowledge base for others too.

edit - pulled everything off can cleaned thoroughly. It runs nicely now. It could have been a dirty MAF sensor.

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