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Default Intermittent loss of power

On a couple of occasions over the last two weeks my car (M44 with DASC) had lost power for about 10 seconds. There doesn't seem to be any consistency as far as it happening at certain engine temperature or whether under load.

Fault code was showing some camshaft position sensor errors, so I bought a second hand genuine part but had the same issue and same error.

The problem did start after I washed the engine bay, although I'm not sure whether this is related or coincidence.

It also started after I started smelling fuel in the engine bay. I replaced some old cracked fuel hoses and found a loose hose clamp which improved this but there is still a small fuel smell. I thought when the car lost power last time that I could smell fuel strong while driving.

Is this a limp home mode? Any other possible causes for CPS error codes? Any help greatly appreciated.

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