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Default FIXED!!!!!!!!

Adjusting the actuator cable of the ASC butterfly is what fixed my problem. Thank You!!!

Originally Posted by Monolith View Post
To the OP, something to try:

There is a mechanical error code associated also with the ASC+T light. You'll need an INPA interface to read the code. When this code occurs, the ASC+T light on the dash cannot be reset by the ASC switch. The light remains on as long as the code is detected. It can seem intermittent.

The code is set when the cable link is tested by the system. Replacing the actuator (unless there is damage to it) generally won't fix the problem. Make sure your actuator rotates freely.

Does the cable have slack in the end? If so, tighten up the cable end one or two turns to take up some cable slack. See if the code comes back. If it comes back, tighten the cable one or two turns more. See if the code comes back.

In my case, the cable was just a little too loose and when the system tested the actuator, it did not feel enough resistance and assumed the cable was not operational. Don't over tighten it.
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