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i really have tried to keep the costs down. the only way i could have done this for less money is by not using plastic windows and leaving the diff as it was, just about everything else was a necessity. i could have built an impreza for not much more money which would have been a much more competitive car on the dirt but it wouldn't have been as much fun and fun is what its all about.
i removed the rear door window divider from the 328i and fitted it to the front door of the compact. i then cut the plastic window into a triangle and a parallelogram, the triangle is fixed in place and i can now slide the main part of the window up and down which i much prefer to the small sliders that you usually get.

The rally i was getting it ready for has been postponed to july which gives me plenty of time to complete the car so i am grabbing an hour here and there, i would love to spend more time on it as it is so close to being finished but have many domestic duties to catch up on in the house
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