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Stealth's assessment seems pretty spot-on. Here's the email the seller shot back to me:

There are no mechanical problems that I am aware of. The car runs really smoothly. There are some cosmetic issues, such as few patches on the front hood where the top layer of the paint has come off, there is a minor dent on the back side, also the front bumper is a little lose.I have used it occasionally since I have moved to Boston, so most of the mileage came from highway driving when I was at Dartmouth and would drive to Boston to visit friends, I bought the car second hand, so there has been two owners, the interior looks really good given it's a 96 model, the car used to be garaged when I lived in Hanover, but has been outside the last two years. I have not been in any accident where repair was needed, i believe the previous owner had one accident, but I had the car checked before buying it. All in all I would say the car is in pretty good shape given that it's a 96 model.
I'm going to pass on the car for now, to look for one a bit closer and that won't need as much work from the get-go. Someone should be able to pick this up pretty cheap though. Good luck!
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