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Default Looking for opinions (Yes, I know they're worth what you pay for them)

Hello all. I belonged to this group eleven years ago when I first bought my ti Sport. After ten years of faithful service, with 163,000 miles, I think itís time to move on. The car has developed some issues that Iím not willing to deal with:

Starter doesnít always engage the flywheel on the first try. $400
Blower motor showing signs of brush wear. $700
Muffler leaking at pipe entrance and exit $600
ABS Valve inop $?
Wet rear shocks $?
Headliner is dropping $300
Left front fender dent $?

KBB value = $1400.

It still runs as strong as it ever did. I donít think there are any problems with the engine, tranny (five spd), or diff. Faithfully changed oil at 3K intervals. Syntec blend at 50K, full synthetic at 100K. All service records. No major door dings, a fresh wax will usually quell my notion of selling it. Chinese red interior, leather bolster sport seats.

My question is: sell it or try to part it out? I saw seats similar to mine being offered for $800. Thatís half of what Iíd probably get trying to sell it here (Kansas). I really donít have space to store it or tools to pull engine/tranny to part out.

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