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I have the same M52 swap except I have the getrag 250 transmission. I have the same issue as you. My shift lever sits too far to the right, and although my driveshaft bolts up and spins freely, it's a bit tight around the guibo. My car isn't hard to get in gear though, maybe because I have the Z3 short shifter.

Check the motor mounts. You could either have the wrong motor mounts, or you have the correct ones and they are clocked incorrectly, causing the whole power train to be crooked in the car. Make sure you have E36 M3 mounts.

That's what's wrong with mine. Not sure about you, but it might the same issue. Although my car drives awesome, it's not something I want to drive that way for much longer cause it's eventually going to cause premature wear on the motor mounts, driveshaft hanger and guibo. It's the first thing to be fixed come springtime.

Hope I helped.

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