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Originally Posted by Diavel View Post
The one (only) good thing about Illinois is I don't have to worry about getting my Ti emissions tested due to it being 1995 or older. (OBDI)
Not fair.... but honestly here in SoCal if 1995 cars and older didn't have to smog... It would be nuts - all the civics/240s/datsuns/BMW's (basically any car with a enthusiast base) etc there are SOO many cars that people would just start bolting turbo's on or doing crazy swaps on.

Originally Posted by Strawman View Post
One more thing: if you end up pulling your trans, think about replacing the detent pins -- there are write-ups on BF, and post #37 in shows the tools I spun up for the job. The new pins/covers kit is about $75 from Pelican. PM me if you wanna tackle this job and we'll figure out how to loan the tools.
Hey Strawman!
I'm honestly trying to keep it simple. Not really wanting to pull the trans if I don't have to!

Originally Posted by Strawman View Post
I used the ZF transmission, trans crossmember, shifter and driveshaft out of a wrecked 1997 328ic convertible, bolted up to a medium-case E28 differential. This all fit without modification and the shifter was centered in the console. I use E36 M3 motor mounts and stock rubber trans mounts; I originally used poly trans mounts, but it buzzed too much with my single-mass flywheel. I had to clearance the welded-in chassis brace to clear the differential (that could be your clunk) with a BFH, and I used poly bushings for the rear suspension crossmember to limit twist (and possible clunking, which happens slightly when in reverse). This was my setup with the M52, but when I swapped in the S52 I swapped in a Z3 shifter and it is still centered.
That is some great info! I will look into it, but now at least it is confirmed for me that strait 328 ZF trans etc will work, now I just need to make sure no getrag parts made it in there by accident. Once its all set and I am happy I gotta come up and see how my m52 runs against your s52. It would be interesting, see if the m52 w/s52 head + 3.46diff would be comparable against your s52 + 2.93 diff - if you still are running that diff!

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