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Originally Posted by MisterM52 View Post
Well it had a msports diffuser or maybe whats called a 323ti one? (sorry still new to the ti ) So what I did was cut it a bit, sand it down a little, passes the 1 foot test - Its also got some custom ribs on the diffuser that I put on. Credits to Moron95 on the Bimmeforums who did those years ago for my other car.

Totally weird, I have bumped so many cars, bmws included, we have horrible bumps on our roads but as soon as I bumped with this one, it just went.. I wonder if the cam sensor was already on its last leg and just the coil inside gave up or something?? I really really realllllly hope so. Fingers crossed.. I have done all the maintenance on this car, and I am going to get really busy from next month so if the cam sensor doesn't do it, I dont know what will.
Ah I see, the reason I asked about the 323ti diffuser is because it looks like you did not cut the diffuser - you are correct in saying it is the msport diffuser. The 323ti has a m52 and comes stock with twin tips, like the other E36 6-cylinder models, so taking the msport diffuser from the 323ti is the only "oem" option for fitting a twin tip muffler on the 318ti. All other e36 compact msport diffusers have room for a single tipped muffler.

It might have been that it was on its way out, I certainly hope so for you!

I have beat my m44 hard on twisty canyon roads (which were most definitely not always smooth) with RPMs staying in the 4.5k+ RPM range for at least 30min strait and the m44 took all of it. It was not a daily occurrence of course but that along with daily driving over the course of 80xxx miles and I had no issues (the m44 was kept up with strict maintenance - so that probably helped), I sold it as a good running engine when I swapped in the m52.

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