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I put a new head on my 96 318ti manual. Once put back together, started right up, drove 5 miles, parked and started it up a couple more times. The lasted time I started it, it was slow to crank over. After that, nothing when I turn the key. HI have lights, full cluster, but no ignition or click from the starter. Also, new battery and verified clutch switch is working. Eventually was able to jumper the starter(push button on alligater leads) and it fires up. I've put a couple hundred miles on it and was going to get it smogged while I work on the ignition troubles. Couldn't get it smogged because the check engine light (CEL) did not come on when the key is first turned on. The rest of the cluster comes on, but not the CEL. I know the CEL is working because I did throw a knock sensor code early on in the running the car. Everything I found regarding the CEL points to the DME. I pulled the DME and checked the relay but didn't find anything. Reinstalled the DME and the car started on the first try. Started 4-5 straight times. Started the next day, but second time I started it, it barley cranked over, then back to not starting with the key. Still runs great when jumping the starter. I did disconnect the battery for something unrelated and when I reconnected the battery, it started one time only. Regarding the (CEL) after unplugging/plugging in DME, at times it did illuminate when first turning on the key and then going out once engine starts, but now back to note coming on at all.
I believe the DME is somehow losing something after first getting re-energized and would like to replace it as I understand there are several option for another DME. Anyone have any thoughts on this diagnose or acquiring a DME?
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