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Default How much is too much $ for a high mileage M-Sport?

Hey everyone, recently stumbled across the 318ti when on my search for a unique, fun rallyX car. I found a '98 black 5-speed M-sport with 220k miles 1.5 hours away from home with almost no rust that's been sitting on the marketplace for a while.

More details: AC works, heat works, aftermarket stereo deck, bad window tint (ugh), M-sport wheels (claimed to be worth $750+), new front tires, new valve cover gasket, both windows work

My Dilemma: A buddy of mine came with to check it out and I really liked it. HOWEVER it left a large oil spot (about a foot in diameter) after the seller arrived while the engine was cold. I drove it a bit and it performed well - clutch felt good, no trans grinding, pulled well through the RPMs and once warmed up, it seemed the oil leak decreased but was still significant. Seller said he puts in a quart every 2 weeks. From what I've read and my experience with my E46, it sounds like it could be the oil filter housing gasket. Unfortunately no shops were open and I was unable to get the vehicle inspected so passed on the deal. I was worried that the oil leak was from something worse and if such a big issue exists, that there may be more unseen issues in the car. I offered $1200 but seller said he was firm at $2k.

My question is: how much is too much for a high mileage ti with a bad oil leak? Would it be a mistake to buy a car in such shape as this? I may contact the seller again if you folks can convince me - I really did like the car.

Sorry for the wall of text but I don't want to miss out on a unique car.

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