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Originally Posted by Nix328ti View Post
I was able to get up underneath the car this past weekend. I discovered that that shift rod, that was custom shortened for the z3 swap, had cracked it's weld and was free to spin. Welded it back up and it works great.

OK, that said, I'm still not a big fan of this short shifter kit that's in it. I'm pretty sure the guy that had it before me just installed the shifter alone. Still a little sloppy for my taste.

I'm very interested in the UUC short shift kit. Looks WAY better. I'd also like to do the double-shear shift rod too but I fear I'll have to shorten it. Anybody know an answer for that?

Thanks in advance TiEM!

-Nic 328ti (z3 swap)
You can buy a shifter rebuild kit with very had plastic(Think plastic is called Derlawn but only 10% sure of name). The kit is fairly cheap and includes all parts. When I installed my kit there was no play at all in the shifter it made a big difference. This was a Z3M shifter and was so nice I hated driving any other manual cause they were sloppy. Also think about installing a heavy shifter grip or wrapping the long shift linkage with 2lb lead solder, it makes a big difference and feels so good.

John S
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