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Default Black 1998 Ti


Been reading local Finnish BMW forum for 15 years, really like'd the cars but just never got around buy one. Meanwhile I've have had few 944's, multiple Miata's, Mini and 106 Rallye, one Westfield, AE86 (+20yrs ago). After few bikes I wanted to get manual RWD for winter drifting. Sold my GSX 1400 and bought a Compact.

1998 USDM, 166k miles on the clock. It was imported -99 and has almost every option I wanted, AC, cruise, PW, 2-way sunroof, power mirrors and best part is their heated. Interior is fake leather.
It seems to have better speakers from the factory, 3 way in front, no idea of rear as they aren't connect at the moment. Came with nice Pioneer Bluetooth head unit that has all the goodies I could've just dream back in the 90's and this cost's next to nothing.

Not a great fan of the wheels, looking for style 32.
It is running cheap adjustable JOM suspension, DIY exhaust from cat back (not the nicest sounding), also I installed a cheap short throw gear stick when I did the first service.

It is missing two most important options, sport seats and LSD.


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