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Hello all! I am located in NC and I recently purchased a 1995 318 from the original owner. It has sat for about two years and is very dirty and the hood paint is almost completely gone. However the interior is in very good shape for its age. I believe I will be able to clean it up very nicely. I am only $200 into this car at the moment so I have room in the budget for repairs. The big issue and the reason I got it so cheap is it does not start. The battery is brand new. When you put the key in and turn it the dash lights up. The radio turns on and the Climate control works. However it will not crank and the fuel pump doesn’t make any noise. I have checked all the fuses and they look good. The remote for the alarm also works and will lock, unlock and arm the alarm so that seems to be in working order. I have done some digging on the forum here and have found some similar issues. I have not gotten to try any of the solutions yet but will be working my way through them over the next couple of weeks. Any and all suggestions are welcome! I am at best a shade tree mechanic and am fully aware of how little I know.
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