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i was looking to buy a used BavAuto performance chip from someone, but ran into this problem:

EWS-II is a security feature on all BMW automobiles manufactured from January 1, 1995 to present. Basically, the E-Prom in every ECU has its own security start code. If this code is not overlayed onto your new chip, your vehicle will not start
so i couldnt just pop his chip into my car...but would it be possible to swap the whole ECU since the ECU is where the start code is? would it change anything in my car?

thinking about it logically, id think that they would be the same ECU and the only difference would be the chip...and i would get the performance from the chip without anything else changing...but i dont want to try this and have my whole car disabled because it decideds to disable itself...

the secutiry start code in the ECU, is it used anywhere else in the car, because i dont want to have the ECU code change and then have it not match up with other parts of the car if it is used in other parts...

so ECU swap, would it work? or should i just keep saving to buy a new chip?
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