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Originally Posted by drummond07 View Post
Hi Apittma,

have you figured anything out with this issue? I'm looking at a car that has this light and the ABS light on and I'm wondering if this is a major issue to fix or an easy one. Thanks for you help.
Hi Drummond,

Sorry about taking so long to reply. I've just been swamped! I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that the problem you're experiencing is much more common than my problem, so there's a lot more information out there about how to deal with it. Though there's a lot of bad blood over there, check out You can do a search for "asc abs" in the e36 forum, and should get a good selection of results. The bad news is that, from what I've read, it could be one a few things (though none are especially costly), and it takes a bit of work to figure out exactly what's going on. It could be something extremely simple, like a loose/poor connection at the asc actuator along the driver's side of the engine bay. It could also be one of the wheel speed sensors for the abs. If one of these stops working, it interferes with both the abs and the asc. Again, bf.c should be able to help you sort it out! Sorry for the quazi-convoluted answer, but I hope this will get you started in the right direction. Good luck with your purchase!
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