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The camshaft sensor is an expensive part - unless you're absolutely certain that it's defective, you might think about getting a used one, maybe try Bavarian Auto Recycling. They don't fail often, so a used source is generally a good bet.

You're putting a lot of money into parts - if you have a DVM and a Bentley manual, you might be able to do some more in depth troubleshooting and save some money.

As far as "while you're in there", replace both cooling connectors and their o rings (sounds like you may have already replaced one). There's one on the block and one in the back of the head. Also, while you've got the valve cover off, replace the rubber seal for the oil supply to the cams (11121247948). You might also think about replacing all the coolant hoses that are impossible to get at without removing the lower intake manifold, which can best be described as tedious. Pretty much, anything plastic or rubber.

If you haven't already found it, here's a website that will come in handy:

What's the history on the car?

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