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Originally Posted by Breticus View Post
So my Ti has been in the shop for quite sometime and I've been driving my mom's 2001 525i around. I'm a little worried because sometimes I smell something burning and on occasion some white smoke from under the hood. I noticed her oil light kept coming on and off so I checked the oil level and it was pretty low about at the first tick mark. Our mechanic just fixed an oil leak and did an oil change for her, we know him well and he does a great job, so I'm almost positive it isn't his fault. I bought a 5 quart jug of oil and it took about half of it... It's a little over full now which isn't really a big deal. When I opened the cap to put the oil in, granted the engine was warm, white smoke puffed out from inside the engine. I drove it around after filling it up and when I stopped and turned off the engine I opened the cap again to see if it still smoked. It was a lot less this time. Every now and then I stop to see if it smokes when I take the cap off, and it now seems like it's just a normal little bit of smoke. My educated guess is that it is leaking some oil, and that the smoke from up under the hood is oil burning off of the engine. I'm thinking it may have been from me having a little fun in it since it is a lot faster than my car. I could have reopened the seal on the leak he made? I also noticed today that the electric fan isn't spinning. It comes on and off I think. The fan attached to the engine spins though obviously. The engine doesn't seem to be overheating unless the engine temp gauge in the car is broken. Also if it has anything to do with it the battery went bad in it, so I got that replaced. Sorry for the long message just want to get as much info as possible to you guys. Any thoughts?
Originally Posted by Breticus View Post
Thank so much. That is so good to hear! I think that might be all it is. Although I guess maybe I do a little more spirited driving than I think since I had to fill it with oil. Maybe it has a leak though.
Originally Posted by Breticus View Post
Haha! I've been sliding the 525i around a bit too. I just can't help it! What do you know about the electric fan up front? Does it only kick on when it gets too hot? I never see it spinning when I check. Anyway so from the sounds of it you think there is no major problem other than possible leak?
Kinda makes me wonder why your ti is in the shop. Is mom paying for that car to be repaired too? I mean she was kind enough to loan you her car, beating on it isn't really a nice way to return the favor
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